Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is 4.5" Screen size too Large as a Mobile Phone?

At CES 2011 I wanted to see and hold the Samsung Infuse, but it was locked behind the glass box. I wanted to compare it with my white iPhone 4 and my Samsung Captivate. But since it was behind the glass box it wasn't possible to do that. The question is, is anything over 4.3" to big as a mobile phone? I personally think 4.3" is the max as a mobile phone. I'm not saying that anything above 4.3" can't be used as a mobile phone, but I wouldn't be holding a 4.5" device or larger up to my head and talking with it. I do see using a bluetooth headset or any headset and making calls with those larger screen devices. The Samsung Infuse is said to be released 2nd Quarter of this year on AT&T with 4G HSPA+ and with the Super AMOLED plus display.

Samsung Infuse 4G Spec:
1.2 GHz single core Hummingbird processor.
8 Mega Pixel camera on the rare side and 1.3 Mega Pixel camera on the front side which is generally used for video calling.
Handset runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Samsung’s TouchWiz.
4G capability and HSPA, HSDPA support
External memory up to 32GB,
GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP
GPS with A-GPS, Digital Compass
Social Media Integration
Proximity sensor, Light sensor, Auto focus, Smile detection, Digital zoom, Multi shot, Self timer, Panorama, ISO contro are some other features.


Phil said...

I like my EVO, but feel it is borderline too big as a phone. Keeping it connected to a Bluetooth device helps, but I can't see the trend of increasing phone screen sizes to last much longer. As more people adopt to using 7-10" tablets, I think phones may trend back to the 3-4" range. We'll see how well the HP Veer is received when released.

HG said...

I can see mobile phones anywhere from 3.7" - 4" screen size and 4.3" been the maxuim. I tend to use my Galaxy Tab tethered to my IPhone 4 or Samsung GT when I need to catch up to news, web, email, view documents, and catch up on my RSS feeds.

I still can see smaller screen devices sell and consumers using a tablet with a screen size starting from 5" - 10" and tethered for internet.

Nicholas said...

I wouldn't mind a 4.5" screened device. Using a hd7 now and any extra video viewing screen is a bonus in my book. I'd rather have a 5inch phone then a 3 inch phone and 7-9in tablet to lug around. As long as I can get it into a beltcase, all is good.

Anonymous said...

I expect you meant to say "TOO" large.

HG said...

Yes thanks...

Anonymous said...

I'm searching for the largest screen size I can find for my elderly father who has difficulty seeing small print. For his issues a 4.5 inch screen is a plus.