Saturday, February 5, 2011

NoteSlate Tablet

According to NoteSlate website, the NoteSlate will be coming to market in June 2011. They do advertise the NoteSlate starting at $99, which is a excellent price. If the NoteSlate works as good as a regular notepad paper to take notes, this could be a good seller. It claims 180 hours of battery life, which will be great to be able to take notes and not worry of running out of battery life out in the field or office meetings. The size of the NoteSlate is pretty much like a regular notepad that you use normally, so this will be a good thing as it will not be much bigger and bulkier. At 13" screen size, this should be able to give any user a good size space to make drawings, sketches, notes, etc... on this device. The NoteSlate will be available in 4 colors, so you can chose which one is right for you. One thing for sure, the NoteSlate must have some way of getting all these notes over to your computer or maybe upload and sync with... say Google Docs? Or have a way to email the notes. Will be keeping a eye on this as time gets closer. In the mean time here is some specs for the NoteSlate:

Basic Characteristics
- REAL PAPER look design
- ONE COLOR display
- ONE TOUCH ability just with pen / eraser
- 210x310x6mm thin body
- 13 inch matte monochrome eInk display
- 190x270mm active display, 750x1080pixels
- 180 hours battery life (almost 3 weeks of daily work !)
- 280 g weight !
- basic inputs: pen with eraser, USB mini, SD Card, Jack 3.5 mm, AC/DC 12V
- Wi-Fi module on request with order (no added charge (!)
- no web browsing !
- end price $99
- ONE POINT OF SALE - NoteSlate online e-store

Special patents
- simple three button physical interface ( SAVE CURRENT SCREEN / SHOW LAST SCREEN / DELETE CURRENT SCREEN )
- pen magnetic holder directly on the tablet surface (throw the pen away and go !)
- any ordinary pen or pencil usage (works just on NoteSlate NATURAL model )
- real paper look and feel when using

- solar energy backside cover

Product range

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