Saturday, February 16, 2013

128GB Surface Pro now showing shipping in 3 weeks

Earlier this week on Twitter there was some update on the 128GB Surface Pro arriving at some local Best Buy stores and news about having the Surface Pro shipping to Staples and Microsoft stores. But if you tried to go and order online, you would be greeted with "Back Order". So you couldn't place an order even if you wanted. If you drove down to a Microsoft store you could Pre-Order the 128GB Surface Pro with no date of when it would arrived.

Now it looks like even though we had seen that the 128GB Surface Pro would arrive at local Microsoft stores on Saturday, we won't see it arrive until March 1, 2013. I did stop by and talked to the manager at the local Microsoft store today, he said that at this time, they didn't have any date for delivery at the store. He also said that if any 128GB Surface Pro should arrive Saturday, they will be going down the Pre-Order list. I had the chance to pick up a 128GB Surface Pro, but unfortunately I had some errands to do and never made it to the Microsoft store on Feb 9. I did stop by on Monday to place a Pre-Order for the 128GB Surface Pro but now as time has passed by, I'm not that eager to actually purchase it. I'm actually really liking the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T which is working very nicely. There is a few 64GB Surface Pro in-stock at my local Best Buy and Staples stores, so might pick one up to try it out. If I do find that it is the tablet for my needs, I will exchange it for the 128GB Surface Pro.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Windows 8: How to make your desktop more touch friendly

As you know in Windows 8 the desktop is not very touch friendly at all. In the video I will show you how you can make the desktop more touch friendly. This will also work for Windows 7 as well.

So far this has made navigating around with the Acer W510 and Asus Vivo Tab Smart tablets a bit easier. By applying bold to the fonts it has made the text much easier to read.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Surface Pro Tablet arriving by weekend...

Looks like your wait might not be much longer if you pre-ordered a Surface Pro after Feb 9 sell out. Some Best Buy stores are starting to receive the 128GB Surface Pro tablets and looks like the Microsoft stores should receive the 128GB Surface Pro by Saturday.

The 64GB Surface Pro seems to be available in some stores, but if you had your eyes set on the 128GB Surface Pro, as of Saturday, Feb 9 you could only hope that you would get an email saying your Surface Pro had arrived. The Surface Pro tablet packs some great specs and can be used as your desktop replacement as long as your good with applications running with a 3rd generation i5 Core Intel processor with 4GB RAM. You will find around 89GB of free space on the 128GB SSD drive, which I have found to be plenty for office and business use. My thought will be that Microsoft will drop the 64GB version and introduce a 256GB version and the 128GB will replace the standard 64GB version. Time will tell.

You can follow Twitter for more up to date status of the Surface Pro tablets. I had some errands to run this past Saturday and missed the Surface Pro. I have one on pre-order so will wait for more information.