Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sagem Wireless Binder eReader



Here is another eReader to add to the list of several released eReaders. Sagem launched the Binder eReader, that will have a 6” screen with Sipix ePaper capacitive touchscreen, accelerometer, 3G and WiFi. 2GB of internal storage with microSD card slot. Sagem claims more than 8,000 page turns on a charge. It will support the more popular formats like, PDF, HTML, Epub, and TXT. Also will display JPEG, PNG, and BMP with MP3 music files. With all the tablets coming out, I think it might be better to get a $99 tablet and use it as a eBook reader. I can see that by having a eReader it will make it easier for someone to download and read books, but with the Kindle App, Nook App, and the rest of eReader apps it wouldn’t be that much more difficult to download books over WiFi on a Android Tablet. It is going to be a tough call wether the eBook readers are just a little to late to come to market with all these tablets, that are going to be showing up. Will have to wait and see, but in my view, the tablets will sell.

Sony PSP / Phone?



I had the chance to try out the Xperia X10 for about 3 weeks and I can say the quality was very good. The only thing holding it back was the lack of Android 1.6 on it. If this new Sony phone / PSP gets released with the specs that we are hearing about. It will be a very nice device for those that want to be able to use as a portable gaming system.This would replace the current PSP go system, as this would be your all in one device. From the website Engadget it shows that it will have 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655, 512MB of RAM for better performance, for any future Android updates that might require more RAM or just to make apps run much better. More is better, and  1GB of ROM. The screen is not really confirmed, but I think if it was no smaller than 4” like the current Xperia X10 it will be perfect size. So hoperfully Sony can pull this one off, since the Xperia X10 is a great phone, but having the older OS is not a good thing, and only has 256 of RAM. This one seem to have multi-touch screen which will again be a good thing. Like I mentioned, I really liked the Xperia X10, but Android 1.6 was just a bit out dated for me. I wasn’t able to run some apps that required 2.1 or above. So lets hope to see this very soon, or at least a more solid release date.

Samsung Captivate with Froyo 2.2 & Tether



This was just a quick video showing that using the WiFi Tether app works great on the Samsung Galaxy Captivate Froyo 2.2. I also use the iPhone 4 with MyWi as well to share the internet over WiFi to my Laptops or at times to my 3G iPad. This is very nice to be able to share the internet over the WiFi. This comes in very handy when your out and need to connect, but don’t have WiFi available. You can just fire up the Tether app for the Captivate and in a about 20 seconds later, you will be connected with what ever device needed internet connection over WiFi.


Used the iPhone 4 to video tape.

Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet at Best Buy



If you really want to get your hands on a 7” Android Tablet. Well then head down to your nearest Best Buy store. This is providing that your local Best Buy has them in stock. I checked a few stores and they didn’t have any available. They did have a display model and decided to check it out, and see how well it compared to my Samsung Galaxy Captivate. For starters the touch screen was not that responsive, compared to my Captivate, iPad, tm2 TouchSmart, etc… At times I did have to click twice for it to launch the app. It was running Eclair, which seemed to do pretty good on the device. Didn’t seem to have a multi-touch screen.


Opening applications also had some very slight delay, but for the $299.99 price tag, you might want to try out Walgreens $99 tablet. It didn’t have the Android Market Place, but instead it has it’s own Cruz Market Place to download apps. The quality was good. It seem to have a nice sturdy housing and all plastic that was very solid. The screen appeared to be some type of plastic. They also had the Archos 7 Home Tablet next to it, so I also compared the size of the Cruz Tablet. It was not heavy at all, which would make a nice e-book reader as well. At this point you might be better to wait for the upcoming Huawei Ideos 7” tablet. From the rumors, the price will be $299.99 for the Ideos 7.

I myself, if I was thinking of getting a tablet. I would wait for the S7, but for now I really like my 3G iPad, which I use daily for work and for catching up on the latest news. I will have to check Best Buy November 7 and see if the S7 is available and give it a try if they have a display model. You never know, I might just bring one home. The 7” display makes it a perfect travel device. Not that my iPad isn’t a perfect travel device, but at times I sure could get by with a 7” device. These lower priced tablets, usually don’t have built-in GPS. I kind of got use to having a device with built-in GPS, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me, since most my other devices already have GPS.



Here is the specs for the Cruz tablet:

  • Product Height 4.9"

  • Product Width 7.5"

  • Product Weight 1 lb.

  • Product Depth 0.7"

  • Platform Android

  • Total Built-In Memory 1GB; 4GB microSD card

  • Expandable Memory microSD

  • Modem Included Yes

  • PC Required No

  • Screen Size (Measured Diagonally) 7"

  • Supports Voice Transmission No

  • Number of Ports 1

  • Connection Port USB

  • Supports MP3 Yes

  • Display Type Color TFT

  • Keyboard Entry Yes, on display

  • Calculator Yes

  • Calendar Yes

  • Word Processor Yes

  • Adjustable Font Size Yes

  • Backlight Yes

  • Battery Type Lithium-ion

  • Connectivity Wi-Fi

  • image

    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    HTC Knight Shows Sprint?


    The HTC Knight showed up sporting the Sprint logo. Could this be heading to Sprint very soon? Looks like it will be running Android with a capacitive touch screen. This looks like it will have the slide out speakers, like the HTC Surround phone. HTC is sure busy pumping out mobile phones of all kinds. Windows Phone 7 is really looking good. Check the review from Engadget.

    Samsung Wave II vs Galaxy S Display


    The 3.7 display on the Wave II has the Super Clear LCD. As you can see on the left, the colors look more realistic vs the Galaxy S on the right. I have been using the Captivate and so far really enjoy the great color on the LCD with the AMOLED. So I can imagine how great the display is on the Wave II. I would like to see this in a 4” screen size; I think that’s a perfect mobile phone screen size. If I need anything bigger, I just use my Archos 5IT with iPhone 4 or Captivate as a WiFi.

    HP Slate 500 Now Ready for Ordering

    HP Slate 500

    Well looks like HP has finally let the Slate out of the bag. I have been reading in many post that say, the HP Slate 500 is the real first slate to run Windows 7 and be able to buy the slate. Well if you really look back, the Archos 9 was in theory one of the first slates available with Windows 7 and you could actually buy one. The specs on the Archos 9 was not great and got no recognition from the consumers. Hopefully the HP having a Atom Z540 running at 1.86GHz processor can do better. 

    The HP Slate 500 price will start at $799 and come with a portfolio case and a docking stand. What it does have for a first in a slate PC is, that it will come with a dual digitizer for both multi-touch with finger or pen input. This is great because it can be good for note taking on the small screen. This will be kind of like my HP TouchSmart tm2 that I have been using the past 3 weeks. Makes touch screen times very easy and when need to take notes, just use the pen and works great.

    The 2GB of RAM and 64GB SSD, should get most users a pretty decent device for your daily work activities. Seems that HP might have basic model, that will have 1GB of RAM. With RAM prices not to expensive, HP should have just made all models with 2GB standard. It also has the Broadcom’s Crystal accelerator to handle those 1080p videos that you will want to watch on the road, or when you have a break from doing your work stuff. It also has dual VGA cam’s front and back to use with Skype or other video conference software.

    Another thing is, many are going to compare the Slate 500 with the iPad. I don’t believe that you can compare both, because they are completely different devices. Yes they do basic things the same, but they are different in their own way. I use my iPad daily, but I also need my full PC at times or my Macbook Pro for those times I need some real power and be able to run both Windows 7 and Mac OS X.



    • Windows 7 Pro 32bits
    • Atom Z540 1.86Ghz
    • up to 2GB of RAM (533Mhz bus)
    • 64GB SSD storage
    • 8.9" multi-touch display (1024x600)
    • Broadcom video hardware accelerator
    • Front (VGA) and Back (3 Megapixel) cameras
    • 5.91 x 9.21 x 0.58, 1.5lbs
    • 2-Cell battery (30Whr)


    Well we will have to wait for the verdict a time goes by and the HP Slate 500 reaches the consumer to use. Right now if you place a order, HP will ship the Slate 500 starting November 13.

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate





    Quick thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate for AT&T network. I won’t go into to much detail, since there is already plenty of reviews of the Captivate. I picked up the Captivate last week, which was on a Saturday to do a review of it. Wanted to see and feel the difference between the Captivate and the iPhone 4. I rooted and installed Froyo 2.2 on the 3rd day. I wanted to use the Captivate running 2.1 Eclair to see the difference once I would install 2.2. I also picked up the Sony Xperia X10 as well to review it and that is on another write up I am doing. Well the Captivate is a very nice mobile phone running Froyo 2.2 now. It is very light, but this to me has caused the phone to feel a little on the fragile side compare to other phones, example the BlackBerry Storm II, Xperia X10, iPhone 4, etc… This can be on the plus side as it will feel very light to use.  With the AMOLED screen, everything looks so vibrant and text is readable outdoors. You will pretty much be able to use you the Captivate any place with that great AMOLED screen. Watching videos on it is very nice on the 4” screen and having the 1GHz processor makes it even better as now you can watch YouTube videos or other videos without any problems. Now that I have installed Froyo 2.2. You can watch Flash video in the browser, which works very well. The power of the Captivate lets you watch pretty much Flash without any problems in the browser. I have set it to only load flash when I click on the download flash video window in the browser so that it doesn’t slow down the load times in the browser. It does slow things down a bit when you have the browser load flash all the time. I believe it has glass screen, because it doesn’t flex at all when you push down on the screen, just like the iPhone 4. The battery door is metal and the rest is plastic. I think that a 4” size screen is perfect for a mobile phone. Not to big or too small, just the right size. Big enough to view web pages, text messages, read email, etc… That brings me to the email apps for the Android. One thing I think Android needs is some way to have push email using some 3rd party app. I know you can set it up with Gmail, but what I would like is something like the BlackBerry email or like on my iPhone 4, I have loaded a app that pushes my email instantly on my iPhone 4 which is just as good as my BlackBerry Storm II I was using. So far all the email apps that I have found for the Android, only let you chose when you want the email app to download the email, and not really a push email.


    The touch screen on the Captivate works very well and your able to touch on your icons and responds quickly. I like how easy you can customize your home screen and there is so many apps that you can download to change or add widgets to your home screen. I still haven’t loaded to many at this point, but did have Launcher Pro on the Xperia X10 that I was testing out a couple of weeks ago. I have loaded Beautiful Widgets. It is a must app to install on your Android phone. Also James Kendrick over at JkonTheRun has a good video on how to customize your Android phone. Pictures and video quality is good, but I have compared to the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4 is a lot better in quality. Pictures do look good but the detail is not very good. When you make the picture bigger, you can see that it is not a clear as the pictures taken with the iPhone 4. Also using the Xperia X10 camera that has a 8MP camera, pictures where not even close to both the iPhone 4 and the Captivate, but then again the X10 has Android 1.6 which doesn’t support the higher resolution for taking pictures. Also missing is the LED flash on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. The other Galaxy S series have a LED flash, not that it would help that much but would be nice to have for dark shots that are close ups.

    Battery life is decent on the Captivate. I can get through the whole day and still have around 20% battery life left, after around 14 hours of the phone been on. I do use it for a good amount of phone calls through out the day and have FaceBook running in the background. I do have a weather widget, that runs also to update weather conditions. I use the web browser for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes through out the day on the Captivate. What I also do is plug in the phone in the car to charge it when going home or going to work, so that I can have as much battery life as possible, so that when I need to be on the phone I can get through the day without having to worry that I will run out of battery. I do leave my WiFi on all the time as well as the BlueTooth. On my iPhone 4, I also always leave the WiFi, and Bluetooth and do get better battery life compared to the Captivate. I do notice that I do get different battery life with the Captivate. Sometimes I end up with more battery life with about the same use, and other days its less. This is when I don’t charge it during the day. With the iPhone 4, it is pretty close all the time.


    The Samsung virtual keyboard on the Captivate is not that good at all. I was using the Android keyboard, but when I upgraded to 2.2, all I got was the Samsung keyboard and the Swipe. So I installed the HTC keyboard, which I like very much and works much better than the Samsung keyboard. Again there is another keyboard called “Ultra-Keyboard” that you can use. James over at JKonTheRun did a video using “Ultra-Keyboard” looks like a nice keyboard but I haven’t tried it yet. Might buy it and give it a try, but I am really happy with the HTC one for now.

    The call quality on the Captivate is really good and the signal is good as well. The GPS is working without a problem now that I have installed Froyo 2.2 on it. It does take a little longer to get the signal when you have a app that requires the GPS signal compared to the iPhone 4. If your in Google maps or Navigation, the GPS works very quickly. Finds you in a matter of 4 seconds or so.

    What’s also really nice about the Android OS is that, you can use Voice Search and find places and have it navigate to it, with very little inputting on your part. Over all, not a bad smartphone and works much better than some other phones out there. It is very easy to root the phone to be able to install apps that are not in the Market Place, because AT&T has blocked you from being able to install apps outside of the Market Place. I think this is a bad idea, but I see that they want to have some kind of control, kind of like Apple with the iPhone’s. 

    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Unboxing

    This is a quick unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate phone. Also you can see it compared to the iPhone 4 in size.