Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Revised iPhone 4 Antenna



We all know that Steve Jobs said that Apple would be giving out free covers, or bumpers to iPhone 4 users to help out with the antenna issue. Even though that Steve Jobs said that the iPhone 4 didn’t have a antenna issue. I have tested the antenna issue and it does affect it a bit, but if you are in a good coverage area it really doesn’t affect you too much. I still would like to get the revised iPhone 4 if they do release it after September 30, just when the free case program expires. A executive from a Mexico carrier Telcel, has claimed that they will be caring the new revised iPhone 4 after September 30. This is a really bad deal for all existing iPhone 4 users. This would not be good part for Apple if they did up date the iPhone 4 after September 30, unless they are going to replace everyone that complains with existing iPhone. In the other hand it is hard to believe that such executive from Telcel to give out so much information and know so much before they have the iPhone 4. I will be keeping my eye out on this, if indeed a revised iPhone 4 gets released, so I can change out my iPhone 4.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

iPad Targus Stylus





Recently I happen to be at Best Buy store and ran into the Targus Stylus for the iPad, iPod Touch, and the iPhone. I had been using the Pogo Sketch Stylus, which has worked good. The only thing was that when inking with the Pogo, it wouldn’t be the best experience but that’s all I had to use and for me was better then the Dagi Stylus as well. I always said to myself, if someone would release a stylus with the tip sort of round, like your finger, but in a smaller version, and some how soft so that it can be like your finger pad. Well that’s what the Targus Stylus feels like. The tip is a soft rubber that feels very good when inking and works very well. Here is a quick video I did of the Targus Stylus, compared to the Pogo Stylus.



As you can see that the Targus stylus works well, and feels very nice and smooth on the iPad. Well at least in my opinion. I know that inking on the iPad is not for everyone, but for me it works for those notes that I need to take and then sync over, depending if I am using MobileNoter.


Here you can see that the Pogo Sketch tip is like a sponge like material and the Targus stylus is like a soft rubber material. Since the Pogo has the tip like a sponge, it makes it a little harder to do inking. Now my stylus choice is the Targus and have been using it over 4 days. The Targus stylus is little shorter than the Pogo, at first I thought that it would be a problem but it’s not. The other nice thing is that the Targus stylus is almost feels like a regular pen. I compared it to my Cross pen and they are almost the same in diameter. This makes it feel better in your hand when using it, to write down those notes. So for now the Targus will be my inking Stylus of choice.