Thursday, May 31, 2012

S Voice working great on the Samsung Galaxy Note

Ever since Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S3 with S Voice, which by the way stands for Samsung Voice. Everyone was left with the question if this would ever be available for current S devices. Samsung did say this was part of the new features for the upcoming Galaxy S3. Shortly after it didn't take long for the community to get their hands on the S Voice apk and release it in the wild for download and was able to work in other devices that are not Samsung S series phones.

You will see how will the unofficial release of the S Voice is working on the Galaxy Note, which after testing for about a week is working great. I am able to dial out, look for services, add calendar appointments, have it read my text, send out memo and many other features that have all been working great on the Galaxy Note. Keep in mind this application was intended for the Galaxy S3. Your results may vary, so you might want to give it a shot.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Use S-Memo on your Samsung Galaxy Note to make appointments

If you ever thought about getting more out of your Samsung Galaxy Note S-Memo application, well here is a quick video to show you how you can use the S-Memo to add calendar appointments.

The S-Memo application has some great features that most users sometimes just over look them. I know some Galaxy Note owners that were not aware you could even use the S-Memo to save calendar appointments until I showed them how easy it was. If you want to see how easy it is, well just take a look at the video and hope it helps some that are not aware of the power of the S-Memo.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Using Flipboard on the Samsung Galaxy Note

It didn't take long for the Flipboard application that was announced for the Samsung Galaxy S III to be leaked out and available to download and install on other devices.

I have installed it on the Samsung Galaxy Note, as you know the G'Note has a great display at 5.3-inches, making the perfect portable reading device. So what better to use, none other than the Flipboard application. Flipboard looks awesome on the Galaxy Note and giving you that extra real estate to read and view content. Flipboard has been working great so far, hope to see it arrive officially on the PlayStore, so other devices can enjoy the same experience on their devices.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Can the HTC One X replace your point and shooter?

I have been testing out the AT&T HTC One X for the past few days and so far it has been a great experience. One of the main reasons I wanted to give the HTC One X a try is the camera. I could see that the HTC One X has the potential of replacing a point and shoot camera when HTC announced the specification for HTC One X. The feature I really wanted to test out was the video recording feature, that not only allows you to record HD video but the ability to snap pictures while recording a video, this will capture photos in 5MP quality. Still not bad for having the ability to snap pictures while recording.

After a short time of testing this feature, this alone will and can replace my point and shoot camera.

Another great feature that HTC included in the One X is the ability to snap 20+ pictures by just placing your finger on the virtual shutter button on the screen. You will never miss a shot with this feature on the HTC One X. It may not be your DSLR, but it will feel like one, when you are capturing all those shots that you would have normally missed with other camera phones. Now when your out and need to capture a action shot, well no problem with your One X.

What makes it possible to get shots like on your digital shoot and point camera is,HTC ImageSense. HTC ImageSense turns the One X into a great digital camera. Low light pictures will not be a problem, or with no backlight as well. The One X will be able to capture those shots (still testing to compare with my G’Note) with good results. All this is possible with the F2.0 aperture lens that allows more light and with HTC BSI sensor that helps boost the available light for those stunning pictures in low light. But if you need to use flash on your subjects, the One X has you covered. The One X has HTC Smart Flash that automactically sense the distance of your subjects and adjust the flash level. Now your close ups of your subjects wont be overly bright pictures from the flash. Nice feature! All this with HDR capturing. If you choose HDR from the menu, the One X will snap three quick shots and will create a stunning shot for you.

Remember you will always be ready to take pictures with the One X, thanks to the extended depth of field (EDOF). HTC has incorporated the HTC ImageChip that provides always in focus, whether your subjects are nearby, or those far away. You will always be ready to take those great shots, no matter what!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

HTC One X Shell Case Review

If you are the type that like very slim and light weight cases, then you might want to take a look at the shell case for the HTC One X. The case is available in blue or orange at the either AT&T retail store or online. The shell case is very light weight and very thin. If you are looking for protection, this is not the case you would want to get for your phone.

I do have to warn anyone that does purchase or is planning on getting the HTC One X shell case, it can break pretty easy.

All the ports and openings line up perfectly with this case, which is great. I have seen and tested cases that sometimes would not line up or fit properly. This is not the case with the shell case. One nice feature about the case is that the word "HTC" lines up perfect on the back of your One X, so that you can show off your "HTC" logo. Very well done!

If your not into blue, you can also pick up the same case in orange which also looks excellent on the white HTC One X. Here is a quick view of the orange shell case and you can see that it is pretty slick.

As you can see that it fits nicely, no different then the blue color shell case, except this really stands out!

The shell case is made out of hard plastic, doesn't have the rubberized feeling like some cases to help prevent the unexpected, slipping out of your hand.