Thursday, June 18, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5: Why Split Screen Makes Sense...

Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Samsung is not new to split screen, its a matter of fact, split screen was also introduced on the Galaxy S3 and Note 3 phones as early 2012. Many reviews considered this to be a gimmick, but now most that have tried the split screen on Windows devices can see how useful this can be. I certainly use the split screen on all my Samsung tablets which is why they are my first tablet to consider for work and play.
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You can also find split screen on the Chromebook. For those time that you need to work on research and a document, email or just about anything you need to refer back to!
Why having split screen makes sense!
The question for many will be, why do I need split screen? Split screen comes in handy for many of us, including myself. Here is some great uses for split screen. When you have, Facebook, Twitter and any other webpage that you need to keep view-able while you work on either email, proof reading documents or working on Excel worksheet. Another great use is when writing up some report and you need to have information about the report and you need to check your information as you write the report, you can easily have the webpage opened side by side in split screen! Have you ever received an email that has some type of information? With the ability of having split screen or side by side windows, you don’t need to jump around the open window to compare or see the information you need. It will be right there in front of you!
It never fails, when family and friends ask me what I can recommend them to purchase. I simply split my screen, get the link as I am composing the email and attaching all the information they need to make a final decision with all the links right in the email! Couldn’t be any easier with side by side…
Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Split Screen
I am so use to the split screen that I have been using with all the Windows tablets and Samsung tablets that when I pick up my Nexus 9, or the Shield tablet, and I am searching for information to compare, I miss this great feature. You can also hold your tablet in portrait mode which also gives you good view of both webpages or your split screen.
Apple also announced Split screen to iOS which should also bring a better experience for those that need to multi task by having a split screen. We will have to see if iOS users will take advantage of the split screen once it becomes available.
Some might feel having a split screen or side by side capability will cause distraction, while others will welcome this feature especially iOS users!