Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Day the iPhone 4 Comes to Verizon...

The day for the iPhone 4 on Verizon is coming soon. Even though the iPhone 4 will not be a new phone rather a 6 month old device on Verizon network. Apple will announce a new iPhone in June, as they have every year since 2008. Hopefully we will see leaks of the new iPhone like we did with the iPhone 4. But in any case, the way I see it is that it will most likely be pretty much the same as the iPhone 4, but with the new hardware which will be the Qualcomm dual core processor and hopefully with the new Nvidia video processor. This will be a very fast phone to catch up with the new Android dual core smartphones that will be on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and the rest of the networks. I’m sure those that attended CES2011 remember seeing and trying new Motorola Dual Core phones we got to see running LTE. Only thing I see is that Apple won’t have LTE on this next iPhone, until next years release of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. The June release could be iPhone 4GS? I don’t see Apple releasing two different iPhone’s from June and on. This is why Apple has Qualcomm Chip. The chip is a CDMA/GSM all in one, makes sense for Apple. You design one phone and use the same chip for either network. Could be possible that the Verizon iPhone would be a World Phone, like the BlackBerry Storm. The BlackBerry Storm that was released on Verizon, could be used on AT&T once you unlocked it. Many AT&T users that wanted the Storm, bought the Verizon phone to unlock it, or just purchased a unlocked Storm. So it will be interesting what will Verizon do for those that purchase the iPhone 4 on Feb 10, or 3rd for existing customers in June when the new iPhone is released. Also the next generation iPhone looks like it will be at least a 4” screen device. SDK shows that there is code for 4” and above for some of the apps in the coming future. Unless it is for the iPod Touch, but most likely it will also be that the iPod Touch will get the 4” screen, but at least later than the iPhone. So remember that it was Verizon that passed up on the iPhone in the first place, or it could have been the other way. AT&T would be getting its first iPhone on their network this February. There has been some post about Best Buy having in the system of a white iPhone, but at this stage, why would Apple release the white iPhone 4, unless like I mentioned that June release would be same design as the current iPhone 4, just all new hardware inside.

Here is the new Apple commercial that shows 2 is better than one.

Here is Verizon’s commercial.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thinking of Painting... Use Your iPhone

Behr Corporation has brought a app for those that want to do some painting around the house. It is a nice little app. You can take a picture of a color and have it try and match the color right on your iPhone or the latest iPod Touch. It will give a color name and some options of colors it finds. Very nice feature as it gets some what close with three closest matches. Not bad at all. You can preview the color you plan to use on several pre configure rooms and you tap on the walls and trim to change the color your looking at.

The app runs very smoothly on the iPhone. You can share your selections to Facebook or Twittering. You can also create a Behr Workbook, which you can save your selections.

You can browse Behr's 2,000 + colors either by color name, or number with also option to chose by type of paint name. Finally you can use the built in "Paint Calculator" to figure out how much paint you need for your painting project. You can chose pre defined settings of rooms, or use custom to input your own room size. Also gives you a option, if you want extra touch up paint so it can calculate the extra paint. Then when your ready to buy your paint and head over to Home Depot it has a store locator option that sets you on your way, with map view as well. It would have been nice if you could touch the address that shows up and be able to call directly if you wanted.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

eLocity at CES2011




eLocity had some nice tablets at CES2011. They had display showing several Android tablets running nVida Tegra II-T250 1GHz with 1MB L2 Cache. These had Froyo; which is Android 2.2. They were claiming that these tablets would get you up to 5 hours of battery life. This usually means in real world around 3.5 hours. If they can improve battery life these devices will be a great tablet for the value, since most of these will have a price range around $349 starting point. These as well could be able to run HoneyComb, the next Android tablet OS.



Here is the specs for the eLocity A7 that was on display at the CES2011 show. These will be available later this year.



Angry Birds was running very smoothly on the eLocity A7.



This is the eLocity A10, which is the 10.1” tablet running the same nVidia Tegra II-T250 at 1GHz. This one claims that it will be running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) with 512MB of DDR2 at 667MHz. Will have to wait and see if this really gets released with HoneyComb. This would be about the same size screen as the Motorola Xoom, but not as slim and well built as the Xoom. Again, if anyone wants to get a good priced tablet, eLocity seems to be a great deal if they get released.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reviewing exolife Extend Battery for IPhone 4 at CES2011

Since I was heading out to the Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas, I thought what better way to test out the exolife chargeable battery case for the IPhone 4. This combo adds some protection as well and some extra battery life. The exolife worked out great for me at CES2011. I charged it and made sure it was ready for the morning when I headed out to the show floor. Throughout the day I was using my IPhone 4 heavily to take pictures and to upload to dropbox. I also was using my Galaxy Tab tethered to the IPhone for internet access throughout the day.


Photo Jan 16, 1 58 47 PM

I was using my IPhone with a clip holster; wish that they had a holster with the exolife so that I could carry it in a holster at the same time. I kept the rechargeable in my bag and by noon I slept the IPhone in the exolife to start charging my IPhone. I was around 40% battery on the IPhone and didnt want to have the battery go to low before starting to charge it. Then I had to carry the phone in my pocket and I continued to use it to take pictures and as a Mi-Fi. I wasn't keeping too much attention on how long it took the battery to charge the IPhone, but around couple of hours I was at 100%. So I just removed the battery case and put the IPhone back on my holster. Made it easier for me to get phone out. I used the exolife one more time around 6:00 to charge my IPhone, and by the second time it was able to charge my IPhone to around 93% and the battery on the exolife finally had drained.


Photo Jan 16, 1 59 08 PM

This was really great that I didn't have to look for any outlets at CES as I saw a lot of attendees charging their phones. Overall I was really glad to be using the exolife at the Consumer Electronic Show and never had to worry about running out of battery. On the Galaxy Tab that went through the whole day as well, since I wasn't using it like the IPhone and my Panasonic camera.


Photo Jan 16, 1 58 11 PM
The exolife times in a few different colors to match you IPhone. I was testing out the white one, since I have my white IPhone to match. The price for the battery case is around $59.99 and depends you might be able to get it for a few dollars less.

The IPhone fits perfect in the battery case and has like a grove where the IPhone actually sits down a little bit. This actually keeps the phone in place and doesn't slide out even if you don't put the ring around it. Then you put the outer clear plastic ring around, which can help those with antenna problems. The battery case is very light weight and hardly adds weight to the IPhone while using it and carrying it. It did feel better to hold, then the bare IPhone 4, just in my opinion.

Photo Jan 16, 1 56 56 PM

If I had to be without power I sure would consider getting the exolife battery case. I'm going to see if I will be testing a few other battery cases or holster with built in battery to charge as it is in the holster.

Photo Jan 16, 1 57 18 PM

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blackberry Playbook Appears hands on at CES2011

Got to view and demo the new expected Blackberry PlayBook. It was very nice using and opening apps and multi-task very easy with no problem with 1Ghz. Dual Core Processor. It is able to browse full web pages with no problem.

Hanvon at CES2010

Hanvon has done some great Tablets. They are solid build and running Windows 7. The device was very speedy and was actually good in your hands, but I see more tablets in the 5" - 7" as more usable. Anything above is still portable but its not as easy to take.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Sony replace the X10 running with Android 2.3

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CES Test Posting With iPhone 4

<a href=""><img src="" style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center cursor: pointer;" height="240px" width="320px" /></a>

<img src=""><a href=""></a>

Here is a test using iPhone 4.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Viewsonic ViewPad 7... at Your Local Fry's

I was out at our local Fry's store and they had the Viewsonic ViewPad 7 instock and on display. I did what any mobile trooper would do. I picked it up and gave it a test drive to see how well this device is. The ViewPad 7 has the ARM11 CPU Processor, and runs on 600MHz, using Qualcomm MSM7227 Chipset. Has Flash 512MB NAND Flash and micro SD expandability up to 32GB and
Internal 512MB, with 7" multi-touch capacitive screen. For having a lower speed it does respond very snappy and there is very little pauses or lag if any. The price is $499, but at this price it's going to be a little hard to sell when the Galaxy Tab is now $499 with a month to start up, or Sprint $399 with 2-year contract. The quality is actually not to bad and It didn't seem to cheap.

Both the ViewPad 7 and the Tab are pretty much easy to hold, due to the small size. The ViewPad 7 screen display was not as clear as the Tab. It was more washed out, when looking at pictures or anything on the screen. I really got use to the Galaxy Tab 1024x600 resolution vs the 800x480 on the ViewPad 7. The camera resolution was not as clear as the Tab, even though both rear cameras are same resolution. The front facing camera is only 0.3MP, so don't expect HD video chatting. :) It is nice that Viewsonic made the market app available on the ViewPad 7. No need to hack to have the market place app, like some of the Android Tablets out. It also has Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11 B/G, and no N.

As you can see the camera is located in the center of the tablet which isn't bad. The Tab has the camera located in the corner of the Tablet. Also like all tablets, it is very finger print friendly. I did a quick video of the the ViewPad 7 opening apps and scrolling around the settings to get a feel of the speed of the device. Like I said, not bad, but needs a starting price of around $179.99. I really like the Galaxy Tab speed and battery life. Viewsonic claims 4-6 hours of hard use of the device. I have tested the Galaxy Tab battery life and have been able to get 10 hours of pretty much constant use with Wi-Fi on.

(Recorded video with iPhone 4)

One nice feature is that the ViewPad 7 can be used as a phone, so you can insert your SIM card. Not that many would like to use a 7" screen device as a phone, but if you happen to use your SIM card from your phone, you won't miss a call. You'll most likely be working with the ViewPad 7, so it wouldn't be bad to answer a call while using the ViewPad 7.

With CES2011 this week and new tablet announcements every 15 minutes, you might want to wait and see what will be available with the Tegra 2.