Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reviewing exolife Extend Battery for IPhone 4 at CES2011

Since I was heading out to the Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas, I thought what better way to test out the exolife chargeable battery case for the IPhone 4. This combo adds some protection as well and some extra battery life. The exolife worked out great for me at CES2011. I charged it and made sure it was ready for the morning when I headed out to the show floor. Throughout the day I was using my IPhone 4 heavily to take pictures and to upload to dropbox. I also was using my Galaxy Tab tethered to the IPhone for internet access throughout the day.


Photo Jan 16, 1 58 47 PM

I was using my IPhone with a clip holster; wish that they had a holster with the exolife so that I could carry it in a holster at the same time. I kept the rechargeable in my bag and by noon I slept the IPhone in the exolife to start charging my IPhone. I was around 40% battery on the IPhone and didnt want to have the battery go to low before starting to charge it. Then I had to carry the phone in my pocket and I continued to use it to take pictures and as a Mi-Fi. I wasn't keeping too much attention on how long it took the battery to charge the IPhone, but around couple of hours I was at 100%. So I just removed the battery case and put the IPhone back on my holster. Made it easier for me to get phone out. I used the exolife one more time around 6:00 to charge my IPhone, and by the second time it was able to charge my IPhone to around 93% and the battery on the exolife finally had drained.


Photo Jan 16, 1 59 08 PM

This was really great that I didn't have to look for any outlets at CES as I saw a lot of attendees charging their phones. Overall I was really glad to be using the exolife at the Consumer Electronic Show and never had to worry about running out of battery. On the Galaxy Tab that went through the whole day as well, since I wasn't using it like the IPhone and my Panasonic camera.


Photo Jan 16, 1 58 11 PM
The exolife times in a few different colors to match you IPhone. I was testing out the white one, since I have my white IPhone to match. The price for the battery case is around $59.99 and depends you might be able to get it for a few dollars less.

The IPhone fits perfect in the battery case and has like a grove where the IPhone actually sits down a little bit. This actually keeps the phone in place and doesn't slide out even if you don't put the ring around it. Then you put the outer clear plastic ring around, which can help those with antenna problems. The battery case is very light weight and hardly adds weight to the IPhone while using it and carrying it. It did feel better to hold, then the bare IPhone 4, just in my opinion.

Photo Jan 16, 1 56 56 PM

If I had to be without power I sure would consider getting the exolife battery case. I'm going to see if I will be testing a few other battery cases or holster with built in battery to charge as it is in the holster.

Photo Jan 16, 1 57 18 PM

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