Monday, January 17, 2011

eLocity at CES2011




eLocity had some nice tablets at CES2011. They had display showing several Android tablets running nVida Tegra II-T250 1GHz with 1MB L2 Cache. These had Froyo; which is Android 2.2. They were claiming that these tablets would get you up to 5 hours of battery life. This usually means in real world around 3.5 hours. If they can improve battery life these devices will be a great tablet for the value, since most of these will have a price range around $349 starting point. These as well could be able to run HoneyComb, the next Android tablet OS.



Here is the specs for the eLocity A7 that was on display at the CES2011 show. These will be available later this year.



Angry Birds was running very smoothly on the eLocity A7.



This is the eLocity A10, which is the 10.1” tablet running the same nVidia Tegra II-T250 at 1GHz. This one claims that it will be running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) with 512MB of DDR2 at 667MHz. Will have to wait and see if this really gets released with HoneyComb. This would be about the same size screen as the Motorola Xoom, but not as slim and well built as the Xoom. Again, if anyone wants to get a good priced tablet, eLocity seems to be a great deal if they get released.

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