Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Day the iPhone 4 Comes to Verizon...

The day for the iPhone 4 on Verizon is coming soon. Even though the iPhone 4 will not be a new phone rather a 6 month old device on Verizon network. Apple will announce a new iPhone in June, as they have every year since 2008. Hopefully we will see leaks of the new iPhone like we did with the iPhone 4. But in any case, the way I see it is that it will most likely be pretty much the same as the iPhone 4, but with the new hardware which will be the Qualcomm dual core processor and hopefully with the new Nvidia video processor. This will be a very fast phone to catch up with the new Android dual core smartphones that will be on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and the rest of the networks. I’m sure those that attended CES2011 remember seeing and trying new Motorola Dual Core phones we got to see running LTE. Only thing I see is that Apple won’t have LTE on this next iPhone, until next years release of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. The June release could be iPhone 4GS? I don’t see Apple releasing two different iPhone’s from June and on. This is why Apple has Qualcomm Chip. The chip is a CDMA/GSM all in one, makes sense for Apple. You design one phone and use the same chip for either network. Could be possible that the Verizon iPhone would be a World Phone, like the BlackBerry Storm. The BlackBerry Storm that was released on Verizon, could be used on AT&T once you unlocked it. Many AT&T users that wanted the Storm, bought the Verizon phone to unlock it, or just purchased a unlocked Storm. So it will be interesting what will Verizon do for those that purchase the iPhone 4 on Feb 10, or 3rd for existing customers in June when the new iPhone is released. Also the next generation iPhone looks like it will be at least a 4” screen device. SDK shows that there is code for 4” and above for some of the apps in the coming future. Unless it is for the iPod Touch, but most likely it will also be that the iPod Touch will get the 4” screen, but at least later than the iPhone. So remember that it was Verizon that passed up on the iPhone in the first place, or it could have been the other way. AT&T would be getting its first iPhone on their network this February. There has been some post about Best Buy having in the system of a white iPhone, but at this stage, why would Apple release the white iPhone 4, unless like I mentioned that June release would be same design as the current iPhone 4, just all new hardware inside.

Here is the new Apple commercial that shows 2 is better than one.

Here is Verizon’s commercial.

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