Saturday, February 5, 2011

Apple Patents a Stylus...

 Steve Jobs has always said that if you see a stylus with a tablet, that is failure in the making. This isn't anything new, but Steve J has always made that clear. But now NYT has posted that apparently Apple has trademark a stylus that can be used to draw possible maybe on future iPad's. This will be interesting what really Apple has plans for the use of the stylus. If the stylus has a way that they can use a special digitizer that can detect the stylus so you can take notes, this will be great and I can see the iPad sell more for businesses.

   Yes there is apps that you can use for note taking, but only those apps have some kind of "Palm Rejection" so that you lean your palm on the iPad and take notes as if it was a notepad. This is great, but this is not always perfect when taking notes. For one, if you don't pick the right stylus from the many stylus that are available, you will have trouble inking. Another is that not all apps that claim that you can take notes with a stylus work well. The writing on the iPad looks very bad. It is not smooth as you think it would be to take notes. There is a couple of apps that I have tested and does a great job for note taking, but again each had its pro's and con's.


  The two I use daily at work is Penultimate and Noteshelf. These two apps do a great job for note taking and options to create folders, to label each. Noteshelf has the most options, as you can create books for your notes with several different paper styles that relate to business, personal, etc... And you get a good selection of paper styles that you can use. But overall Penultimate inking is much smoother as you write your notes. But the palm rejection is not as good as Noteshelf. So I use both and depending what notes I will be taking I use that app. So the right tool, for the right job comes into play here. Speaking of which, I wish that there was some kind of app like this on the Android OS so that I can just use my Galaxy Tab for note taking quick notes. I use my GT everywhere I go, much more portable and can get the job done on the field, where the iPad is ok, but the size is a bit big after a while.

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