Saturday, February 5, 2011

eLocity A10 Pre-Orders Feb 15 will it Arrive with Honeycomb?

I was able to stop by the eLocity booth at CES2011 to see what devices they had. I was mostly interested in the eLocity A7, but while I was looking at the A7, I saw the eLocity A10. This has the Nvidia Tegra II processor and while I only got to try it out at CES2011, It was very snappy running apps. I opened several applications to see how well it would run. Tried a few videos and no pauses whats so ever on the A10. Now finally appears that pre-orders for the A10 will start Feb 15. If your looking for a Android OS tablet in the 10" screen size this will be a device to look at. So far the battery life on the current Dell Streak 7 and the A7 is not as good as the current Galaxy Tab, and the iPad. eLocity is claiming up to 5 hours of battery life. I think the first generation Tegra II devices will only have around 3 to 4 hours of battery life. For my use, I rather hold onto my Galaxy Tab and get up to 9 hours of use, without having any worries that I need to charge it. I actually used my Galaxy Tab during the CES2011 and got me through the whole day without having to charge it. I also used my iPhone 4 to upload with my Galaxy Tab and worked great.

While eLocity does claim that the A10 will have Honeycomb or least was in the posted specs, even though the show floor A10 was only running Android 2.2. The eLocity A10 pricing will be as follows. The 4GB (A10.004), 32GB (A10.032) and 64GB (A10.064) models will be available for online order, with the 4GB units starting at the discounted price of $399 for early orders, the 32GB model retailing at $599.99 and the 64GB at $699.99. So if your one of the ones waiting for this devices, set your calendar for Feb 15, and hit up either one of the following websites to pre-order your A10.,,, and

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