Thursday, February 24, 2011

Samsung Captivate Finally gets Froyo 2.2

Looks like the Samsung Captivate finally gets updated to Froyo 2.2. I have been running Froyo on my Captivate since I almost purchased the phone. I just couldn't wait for AT&T to release Froyo 2.2. Just as Froyo gets released, more phones will be released with Gingerbread 2.3. So maybe they should have skipped 2.2 and went straight to 2.3.

Some of the new features in Froyo 2.2 that you can expect:

   Able to install Apps to SD card if program supports it

   Flash 10.1

   USB Tethering

   Speed improvement (All though I really haven't notice on my Captivate)

   Enhanced Microsoft Exchange Support, with address look-up. Increased security features and Exchange calendars

   Mobile Hotspot


So for those that have patiently been waiting for Froyo 2.2 on their Samsung Captivate, now it has finally been released. So hit up Samsung website and update your Captivate.

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