Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Case Review: Classic stand case cover for Microsoft Surface Pro tablet


DSC04204 (1280x851)

I decided to give the classic stand case cover with the stylus holder for my Microsoft Surface Pro a try. If I use any type of cases I usually like to keep them as slim as possible to add the least amount of bulk, yet keep my devices looking clean and protected. This is the case with the classic stand case from MiniSuit.

Another advantage of the classic stand case cover is that you can still have either the type or touch keyboards attached to your Surface Pro or you can chose to remove them and still use the classic stand case. This alone is a great deal for me, as sometimes I travel knowing that I will be using the keyboard.

Lets take a look the classic stand case cover and see how well it fits around the Surface Pro.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Case Review: Jison Executive Folio Case for Galaxy S4


DSC04025 (1024x680)

If you are in the market for a good quality case for your Samsung Galaxy S4, look no further. I happen to order the Executive Folio case for the Galaxy S4 to give it a try. I look for slim type cases, unless I need a more protective type case, then I look for that type of case, especially when going camping or if I am going to be working around the house I will slip my Galaxy S4 into that type of case.

I was very impressed with the quality and design of the Executive Folio case. I have ordered cases where stitching is bad, or sometimes the leather is not well cut. The Executive Folio case is priced at $49.99 at Jison case website at the time of this writing.

As I slipped my Galaxy S4 into the Executive Folio case, the Galaxy S4 fit like a glove. All the corners fit correctly, openings lined up and since the Executive Folio case does have the front window, just like the S-View Flip case from Samsung. You can answer and see any notifications at a glance. This was great feature that Samsung came out with on the Galaxy S4.

Here is more detail look at the Executive Folio case if you want to get an idea what to expect.

Jison Executive Case Red

The inner lining of the Executive Folio case is made of soft material, seems to feel as if it was made of leather. It has the logo printed all across the inside, gives it a nice touch and keeps your phone from getting scratched with the soft material.

DSC04016 (1024x680)

As you can see, my Galaxy S4 fits in nicely in the Executive Folio leather case. Having the flip cover, this will help to protect your Galaxy S4 phone in case you drop it. It does have the bottom and top open, but as you can see the corners are protected. This of course wont replace an Otter Box case, but this isn’t intended for that type of protection.

DSC04031 (1024x680)

Here is the back view of the Executive Folio case, as you can see that the speaker and camera line up very nicely. The leather is very nice on the Executive Folio, doesn’t feel like it is the cheaper leather.

DSC04097 (1024x680)

There is one negative that I did run into using the Executive Folio case so far, and is the only one. Normally on the Samsung S-View Flip Folio case, the window is bigger and allows you to flip the front flip cover to the back and be able to take pictures. Well with the Jison Executive Folio case, seems that maybe I got a bad cut out but it does cover part of the camera and doesn’t allow me to take a picture without having part of the flip cover be in the way.

Check out more views of the Jison Executive Folio case below.

Jison Executive Folio case review for Samsung Galaxy SIV