Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Case Review: Classic stand case cover for Microsoft Surface Pro tablet


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I decided to give the classic stand case cover with the stylus holder for my Microsoft Surface Pro a try. If I use any type of cases I usually like to keep them as slim as possible to add the least amount of bulk, yet keep my devices looking clean and protected. This is the case with the classic stand case from MiniSuit.

Another advantage of the classic stand case cover is that you can still have either the type or touch keyboards attached to your Surface Pro or you can chose to remove them and still use the classic stand case. This alone is a great deal for me, as sometimes I travel knowing that I will be using the keyboard.

Lets take a look the classic stand case cover and see how well it fits around the Surface Pro.

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If you try to use the Surface Pro on your lap, you know it can get a bit tricky to try and balance the tablet. Not only does it get tricky, the kick stand hurts after awhile. With classic stand case cover having the flap to convert as a stand makes it easier to use your Surface Pro on your lap. I am actually typing this on the Surface Pro on my lap with no problems. The flap makes it easier on your legs since the kick stand doesn’t carve into you.

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The interior has a microfiber material to help keep your screen clean and help from scratches. I do let everyone know that when you do use the flap as stand on a table or any surface, always wipe the interior of the microfiber just in case it picks up any small derbies that can scratch your screen.

The outer case if made out of polyurethane leather that looks very nice. It adds a classy touch to your Surface Pro. After all, you do want your Surface Pro looking good in the crowded tablet market.

All the stitching around the classic stand cover case seems to be very well done. All the openings are in the correct order to access all your ports with ease. The top has plenty of open space to keep your Surface Pro from overheating and keeping all the vents open. The power button is also very accessible with the classic stand cover case to power on and off.

DSC04213 (1280x851)

As you can see that there is plenty of opening on the side to keep the Surface Pro cool and easy to use the charger. The classic stand case cover lines up very good, I didn’t encounter any odd corners that didn’t fit well.

DSC04221 (1280x851)

MiniSuit has designed the classic stand case cover for the Surface Pro to have access when swiping from both sides, on top for the camera and on the bottom you have access to the Windows capacitive button. This makes it easy to hold the Surface Pro tablet and use without any problems swiping.

DSC04241 (1280x851)

You can easily use your Surface Pro on the table to view email, read articles, browse the web by using the flap of the classic stand case cover. This gives you a nice tilt angle to also type with the on screen keyboard.

DSC04216 (851x1280)

On the back side of the classic stand case cover you have a cut out for the Surface Pro camera. You can see that you also get the stylus holder on the top, which can be much safer to hold your stylus rather then the magnetic on the side. Comes with an elastic to hold the front cover flab closed. One thing I did notice is that I can no longer flip my keyboard and have the Surface Pro turn the screen off, I believe the extra trim around the bezel doesn’t allow the keyboard to get close enough to turn off the screen. You have to remember to push your power button.

Overall, I would recommend the MiniSuit classic stand case cover for the Surface Pro. So if you are in the market to get a case cover for your Surface Pro, head over to MiniSuit and take a look at what they have.

If you want to look at the video review of the Mininsuit classic stand case cover.

Minisuit Classic stand cover case for the Microsoft Surface Pro.

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