Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Android Device Manager: Setup remote wipe and locate your device…


Just a few days ago Google had announced Android  Device Manager. This would at least bring Android OS with the ability of wiping, locate and soon be able to lock your Android device.

Unfortunately its not available on all Android devices. As I was testing on a few devices of mine. On my wife’s Galaxy SIV the Android Device Manager wasn’t available under the Google Settings in the apps. This is the Green icon in your apps that is called Google Settings, has a letter “g” and sort of a gear icon.

If you don’t see the Android Device Manager under your Google settings, head over to your settings from your home screen and go down to “Security” then go to “Device administrators”. You should see Android Device Manager with a box unchecked. Go ahead and check the box. You will get a warning about being able to remotely wipe your device.





You can see the screen shot of the Android Device Manager once you check the box to allow it to lock or erase a lost device. You could find several applications from the Play Store to do the same, but one thing is that this is built in, so you kind of don’t have to worry about loading the application since it is there already and just enable it.

By the way you do have to make sure you enable this so that you can wipe your device, or else you will only be able to locate your device.



When you head over to Android Device Manager on the website you will be able to see all your device. Just click the drop down menu by the current device and you can chose your other devices to locate them or wipe them clean if happen to loose them.

You can remotely set off the device to ring to find where you might of placed your phone or tablet. This should make it easier to locate it if you are those that seem to miss place your phone or tablet often. It will set the ringer for 5 minutes if even if you have the device on mute or just on vibrate.


All of my devices showed up in the drop down menu and had no problem clicking to activate the ringer on my devices.

Remember that you must be logged into the same Google account that you have your device signed into. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to access your devices. 

So far I like what I see, would also like to see the ability to wipe the external storage card as well.

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