Monday, August 26, 2013

Nexus 7 2nd Generation Keyboard Stand Case review.

Looking for a bluetooth keyboard case for your new Nexus 7 2nd generation? MiniSuit has just released the Nexus 7 keyboard stand case, which you is very light weight and very portable.

I have been using the MiniSuit keyboard stand case with my Nexus 7 2nd generation for about a week now, and it has been a very productive tool for on the road writing. Sure I wasn’t writing a novel, but for writing documents and long emails that would require more than the on screen keyboard, the bluetooth keyboard stand case from MiniSuit has provided this for me.


The Nexus 7 2nd generation fits into the keyboard stand case very nicely. You can easily remove the device and it also has a kick stand that tilts the Nexus 7 to a very good viewing angle when typing or viewing webpages, email, etc…

Ports are easily accessible, only issue that I did have was the camera opening did seem to have needed to be a bit bigger. You can see the video review that shows this.


The keyboard keys has a fairly good travel for typing, it is a bit cramped but also most small keyboards of this size are. The keys are chiclet style and you can see that if you happen to have big hands, this keyboard might be a challenge to type on. On the positive side, the keyboard stand case does have a good size shift keys, Alt, Ctrl and the space bar. This made typing on the keyboard much easier.


Overall the quality of the MiniSuit keyboard stand case is great. The product is well built and so far I don’t see any corners or seems coming apart. I did have trouble with pairing it to the Nexus 7 2nd generation, but this was mostly with the Nexus rather than the keyboard. Once I repaired it, I haven’t had any issues not working.

Here is the unboxing and video review of the MiniSuit keyboard stand case.

MiniSuit Keyboard Stand Case for the Nexus 7 2nd Generation video review.

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