Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thinking of Painting... Use Your iPhone

Behr Corporation has brought a app for those that want to do some painting around the house. It is a nice little app. You can take a picture of a color and have it try and match the color right on your iPhone or the latest iPod Touch. It will give a color name and some options of colors it finds. Very nice feature as it gets some what close with three closest matches. Not bad at all. You can preview the color you plan to use on several pre configure rooms and you tap on the walls and trim to change the color your looking at.

The app runs very smoothly on the iPhone. You can share your selections to Facebook or Twittering. You can also create a Behr Workbook, which you can save your selections.

You can browse Behr's 2,000 + colors either by color name, or number with also option to chose by type of paint name. Finally you can use the built in "Paint Calculator" to figure out how much paint you need for your painting project. You can chose pre defined settings of rooms, or use custom to input your own room size. Also gives you a option, if you want extra touch up paint so it can calculate the extra paint. Then when your ready to buy your paint and head over to Home Depot it has a store locator option that sets you on your way, with map view as well. It would have been nice if you could touch the address that shows up and be able to call directly if you wanted.

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