Sunday, October 31, 2010

Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet at Best Buy



If you really want to get your hands on a 7” Android Tablet. Well then head down to your nearest Best Buy store. This is providing that your local Best Buy has them in stock. I checked a few stores and they didn’t have any available. They did have a display model and decided to check it out, and see how well it compared to my Samsung Galaxy Captivate. For starters the touch screen was not that responsive, compared to my Captivate, iPad, tm2 TouchSmart, etc… At times I did have to click twice for it to launch the app. It was running Eclair, which seemed to do pretty good on the device. Didn’t seem to have a multi-touch screen.


Opening applications also had some very slight delay, but for the $299.99 price tag, you might want to try out Walgreens $99 tablet. It didn’t have the Android Market Place, but instead it has it’s own Cruz Market Place to download apps. The quality was good. It seem to have a nice sturdy housing and all plastic that was very solid. The screen appeared to be some type of plastic. They also had the Archos 7 Home Tablet next to it, so I also compared the size of the Cruz Tablet. It was not heavy at all, which would make a nice e-book reader as well. At this point you might be better to wait for the upcoming Huawei Ideos 7” tablet. From the rumors, the price will be $299.99 for the Ideos 7.

I myself, if I was thinking of getting a tablet. I would wait for the S7, but for now I really like my 3G iPad, which I use daily for work and for catching up on the latest news. I will have to check Best Buy November 7 and see if the S7 is available and give it a try if they have a display model. You never know, I might just bring one home. The 7” display makes it a perfect travel device. Not that my iPad isn’t a perfect travel device, but at times I sure could get by with a 7” device. These lower priced tablets, usually don’t have built-in GPS. I kind of got use to having a device with built-in GPS, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me, since most my other devices already have GPS.



Here is the specs for the Cruz tablet:

  • Product Height 4.9"

  • Product Width 7.5"

  • Product Weight 1 lb.

  • Product Depth 0.7"

  • Platform Android

  • Total Built-In Memory 1GB; 4GB microSD card

  • Expandable Memory microSD

  • Modem Included Yes

  • PC Required No

  • Screen Size (Measured Diagonally) 7"

  • Supports Voice Transmission No

  • Number of Ports 1

  • Connection Port USB

  • Supports MP3 Yes

  • Display Type Color TFT

  • Keyboard Entry Yes, on display

  • Calculator Yes

  • Calendar Yes

  • Word Processor Yes

  • Adjustable Font Size Yes

  • Backlight Yes

  • Battery Type Lithium-ion

  • Connectivity Wi-Fi

  • image

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