Sunday, November 21, 2010

White iPhone 4

Here is just some pictures of my white iPhone 4, I managed to get. The finish on the white iPhone 4 is very nice. I have put a screen protector and also on the back. Sure don't want to damage my white iPhone 4, even though it feels just like my black iPhone 4. The white color is very nice if you like white of course, but it does stand out in the crowd when your making calls, or just browsing or replying to email. I did go to my local Apple store and had little crowd gather around my white iPhone 4 as they all wanted to take a look at it.

There isn't much to go over between the black and white iPhone 4. Both run the same and no difference in OS. The only thing is that, when out in the crowd, you might get people wanting to look at your white iPhone 4. Here is more pictures of the white iPhone 4.


Anonymous said...

how did you get a white iphone 4?

Anonymous said...

he bought the shells of the internet for more then the phone itself is worth probably of course now it is available in white.