Sunday, November 14, 2010

NOOKcolor eReader

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Now you can enjoy your ebooks in color with the Barnes & Noble  NOOKcolor eReader. Best Buy has the NOOKcolor in stock at most of their stores. As everything gets digital, eReaders are getting more popular than ever. These new wave of eReaders are going to be in some way like a tablet. This is because, they will need to compete with your iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc… so these new wave of eReaders will be running Android OS in some way to give the user more than just been able to read eBooks on these devices. Also now that these color eBook readers coming out, they will have to continue to give the user that great battery life as well. Most users think eReaders as long battery life devices; which they should, so that you can pick up one and read for hours. Also must have a great standby battery life, so that you can pick up the eReader at anytime, and be able to read for hours. Again I personally think that the sweet spot for these eReaders and also tablets will be in the 5” – 7” for maximum portability. I love my iPad, but at times I sure can use a 7” and or can get by with a 5” tablet.





Here you see the new Sony Pocket Edition eReader next to the DX Kindle. I see why this was not a big seller. Not too many would like to carry around this giant eReader with them. The Pocket Edition is very portable, but yet is great to read with the new E-Ink technology that makes reading books even better than ever, yet it’s like carrying a paper book with you. Maybe the DX Kindle would be good in a classroom or where you don’t really need to be portable.

So what will be the future of eReader’s? I see eBook readers transit to a Tablet functions in the next coming year. You can already see some offering web, email. and more functions than just a eBook Reader. This is when it will cross over to be basically a tablet. Now you can get some of the new readers running Android OS. So we will have to keep a close eye on the following eRaders and see what’s in store. With CES2011 just around the corner, will most likely going to see quite a few new readers with more functions like the Samsung Tab, or iPad.


Anonymous said...

i prefer the iPad... It just seems like the "copies" is good when they arrive, but with the next release of iPads they are behind again... lots of competions this days to win one as well, if you dont have one... Have you noticed the new campaign from the it security company sophos... easy to win if you like to share things... :)

HG said...

I still like the finish of my iPad and good Apps that is available to use on it. I think if Apple made a 7" iPad, it would be a nice addition to the line up. As we see the new upcoming iPad that will have the front facing camera for FaceTime. Yes I see the in the coming year, the market will be flooded by Tablets, just like when Netbooks flooded the market. This will be a nice thing, but only the best will survive at the end, and continue to sell the Tablets with the most features and best apps for users to use. Will check out the link, thanks.