Sunday, November 14, 2010

Outlook 2007 Preview not Working?




I was having a problem with Outlook 2007 these past few days, where it wouldn’t preview jpg files in the email. For the past years I never had this problem. At first I thought this could be a update, but after checking seemed not to be the case. I did a quick search and many had posted this same kind of problem. As many had mentioned that they had Google Desktop Search installed, and this was what was causing the problem. The only problem here, is that I didn’t have Google Desktop search installed. Many posted they fixed the problem by either reinstalling Google Desktop search, or disabling the add-in in Outlook. After searching more, I came across another way that can cause this problem. If the temp folder for Outlook gets to big, then you start to have the problem where you can’t view jpg in the email. A easy fix is to install CCleaner or just empty your OLK folder and reboot. This took care of the problem. I downloaded CCleaner here. This application works very well to repair some of your files as well clean up your temp files.

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