Friday, December 24, 2010

SmartTouch Gloves... For Your Touch Screen

We happen to be out doing our final Christmas shopping and we ran into some smarTouch gloves they had at JC Penny store. The gloves were priced at $23.99 on sale from $40.00. I had my wife try them and see how well they would work.

As you can see the gloves came in different colors. They had red, black, gray, and blue so you have a good choice of colors so you can be styling, when using your touch screen phone. Well I have seen some posts of gloves for touch screens on the web, and actually Warner Crocker had done a review of some glove tips, a DIY not to long ago. Here is the link for that review. These gloves hardly show a silver like sewing on the tip of the glove and thumb, which lets you use the glove to touch the screen. If your not a DIY and don't want to put the glove tips on your own gloves then this is the way to go. Like I mentioned, I had my wife try them on and try to navigate her iPhone using the gloves. She opened several icons, and did some texting, and inputed a quick email. The gloves worked perfect. Everything she clicked on worked as if she had no gloves on. With all devices becoming touch screens, I think we are going to be seeing more gloves that are touch screen friendly at the stores. And yes, here in California we really don't have heavy duty gloves for the winter. :-) It's like summer year round.

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