Sunday, December 19, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Leather Case

I have been testing out the Galaxy Tab for about 2 weeks now. I can say that the Android OS is works very nicely on the Tab, even though the OS isn't really geared towards a tablet. I really think Apple will miss out, if they don't release at a 7" tablet. If Apple did release one, I would more likely pick one up, as my iPad now that I use is great and everything, but at times when I just need something bigger than my iPhone 4 or Captivate screen to do some work, the 7" Tab is just great.

I picked up the Galaxy Tab leather case from Sprint to test and feel how the case works. The case has all opening accessible for the inputs on the Tab. You can connect the charge cable with no problem and have access to the power button and the volume control without too much hassle. As you can see in the video it has several ways to stand the Tab to view it on the desk, or to work on the Tab, or maybe catch a movie that you may want to see. The leather is soft and feels very nice and well made. It does help protect the Tab, only because it is a little bit big. This is like those Franklin Covey Daily Planners they sell. Someone might not even notice that you have a Galaxy Tab in the case, the will think its a paper daily planner. Sprint does carry this case at the stores and sell for $39.99. So if you have someone that owns a Tab and doesn't have a case for it, you might let them know that Sprint has this case and they can give a try and see if they like it.

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