Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Samsung LTE Verizon Phone...

Verizon released LTE earlier this month, but didn’t have any phones that supported the new network. Now they have several phones and the up coming Motorola Tablet called Zoom that will be announced at CES2011. Right now the only two OEM’s that are really the biggest phone makers are HTC and Samsung. Also the new Incredible phone is going to be announced at CES2011. As you can see the 4G on the phone, showing it is the next generation LTE. This is where the money is going to be for the next phase of mobile communication. With phones having a front facing cameras and faster uploading and downloading, more users will be able to upload videos and consume more information on the go. This is why Verizon and others have followed with tier pricing for data. AT&T is in the processes of a $1.9 billion deal. This would get AT&T some prime wireless spectrum licenses from Qualcomm. This also is for the next generation of high-speed wireless service. We should see some great improvements by next year end. With tablets being released and this is going to be a flood of tablets everywhere. The faster wireless network will come into play. You will be able to use your tablet as a client machine and have all your data back at the office. You will be able to access as if you are right at the office or home. Playing your music remotely or watching your Sling Player on the road. Data will be used more than phone calls. Just my thoughts. :)

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