Thursday, December 9, 2010

Android Phones using the most bandwidth?



Recently a study conducted by a firm called Arieso, shows that Android phone users use more data over cellular networks. This is all due to Android phones having video conferencing using your data, and not restricted to just WiFi like iPhone 4. Also with the activation of over 300,000 Android phones every day. It’s  not going to help slow down the increasing congestion on mobile networks. Just a few years ago must mobile phones really didn’t have the rich experience of what the current smartphones have. You had basic mobile web, small picture uploading and now you have 5 mega pixel cameras and higher, and using video to send to friends which use quite a bit of data on the networks. At one point iOS which the iPhone uses, was really selling a lot. Now with Android which does have some great features and I think what most users or power users like is that you can easy root the OS and get more use out of the phone. Not that you cant use it, but you can install some custom ROM”s or apps that aren’t available in the market place etc… and not really worry that when a update comes along it will change the rooted phone. With the iPhones you have to be careful and wait for the next jailbreak to be able to update or you’ll lose your jailbreak. Apple will have to finally watch the Android OS, but then we will have to wait when they release the iPhone on Verizon, which will have some impact on iPhone sales. Android is available on more OEM phone makers, so Android has better way of selling.

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