Sunday, December 19, 2010

Galaxy Tab Scosche Case

Just picked up the Scosche Galaxy Tab case at the local T-Mobile store, and it is nicer than I thought it would be from the online pictures. It doesn't provide much protection around the sides, but I like that it is very slim. It' a matter of fact that I can actually drop the Tab with the Scosche case on in my back pocket. Not that I will be carrying the Tab in my back pocket, but if I felt I needed to use both hands, I know I would be able to put the Tab in my back pocket. The design is very nice. I like how easy it is to remove the Tab from the case and also when you want to put the Tab in the stand mode on your desk or any counter top to view movies, music, or just browse the web. There isn't much to the Scosche case, as you can see that you have access to all the ports on the Galaxy Tab. With this case I wouldn't need to be removing the Tab out of the case since it is so slim with it. This is good for when you want to be using the Tab as a eReader or reading PDF's, or just reading some articles on the web. Sometimes something very plain design works great.

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