Friday, May 21, 2010

Vaja Case for ZuneHD



My wife surprised me with the Vaja case for my Zune HD. I was not expecting the case at all, or any case for that matter.  I was totally shocked to see how nice and well built the case is. It fits like a glove.

P1010348 You can see how nice the fit is here with the edges align nice and straight.

P1010347You slide the Zune HD from the bottom as you see here in the above picture. It doesn’t add any bulk to the Zune HD at all. This makes it even a better case.

P1010349  Just the side view of the Zune HD in the Vaja case.

P1010352 Also the stitching on the Vaja case is well done. Every looks very well done. This is the back of the case. Overall I really like the case Vaja makes. This should protect my Zune HD from getting scratched up in my pocket, and add some class to my Zune HD as well.

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