Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ABC App Now Plays with 3G iPad's

With the recent release of the 3G iPad, many users are saying that watching video streaming with apps on the 3G iPad is pretty choppy or not clear enough. ABC app would not load and said that you must be connected to Wi-Fi to use the app. Well ABC released a update to the app and now supports the use of the 3G streaming to play. The update now supports for watching videos in either portrait or landscape mode. The video quality is good over 3G and not much difference compared to when watching with Wi-Fi. So they were able to keep the quality good, while reducing the bandwidth streaming when on 3G. The ABC app is one of the top downloaded apps at the iTunes Store, and it is nice to be able to watch some shows while traveling or around town when you have some free time to catch up on the shows that are availble. The latest ABC app is free at the iTunes Store.

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