Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Could this be the new iPod Touch with 2MP Camera


iPod Touch

Tinhte from Vietnam have posted some pictures and a video showing what looks like the iPod Touch. It does show “DVT-1” which means this is a testing type unit. It also could mean that the new iPod Touch will be very close to this iPod Touch, or maybe this could be what the Touch will be when released. From the picture it looks to be a 65GB iPod Touch, with a pair of 32GB Samsung Flash modules.

iPod Touch2

Here you can see the current iPod Touch with no camera and the leaked picture of the iPod Touch with Camera. They look pretty close and if you remember back when the 3G iPod Touch was released, some posted pictures of the iPod Touch opened up, showing that there is room for a camera in the same place this one is showing. Also watching the video it does show something about a microphone, so hopefully it does have one built in. This will make a nice Skype phone using a MiFi or other to tether. From the past Apple tends to release iPods in September, but maybe this will be announced June 7. Lately there has been a lot of leaks from Apple products including the iPhone 4G, and the Video of the new MacBook that was released from Apple.

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