Saturday, February 27, 2010

Speech Recognition On the Lenovo S10-3t



I think most users forget about the speech recognition that is included with Windows 7. Vista also has speech recognition, but for some reason when I tried it on  Vista it didn’t do as good as it did on Windows 7. Here you see that it works very nicely with the Lenovo S10-3t Tablet. I have upgraded from Starter Edition to Ultimate Edition. I also have upgraded from the 1GB to 2GB using the Corsair Gaming 800GHz Memory, which I had from another device. This speech feature is very good for anyone not able to use the keyboard. With the combination of touch and speech you can almost not use the keyboard when using your computer. This also works with any computer that has Windows 7 with Premium and above. You can also create emails, word documents, and a lot of functions with just speech. I’m still testing and having the speech software recognize my voice for better input. I have been doing some short reply to emails with the speech recognition and it is working good. You can always go to Start then type in voice recognition and click on the “Speech Recognition” to start it. I recommend that you go through the tutorial so you can get the hang of it. 

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