Friday, February 12, 2010

Archos5 A IT


I have installed the Android Market on my Archos 5 IT a few months back. I have been installing application that would not be possible with the Archos 5 IT Applib. By having the Android Market installed I was able to install the Dolphin Browser that James posted over at his site. Using the Dolphin Browser on the A5A, to me is working very nicely. I am able to write gestures on screen of the A5A to open, back, forward, etc… One thing I really like about the Android and Dolphin Browser and wish that this would also work on IE8, is that when you zoom in on a page the text rearranges and you don’t have to slide back and forth to read the article like in IE8. This feature would be very helpful when using slates, tablets, and convertible so that when you need to zoom in you can have everything and just scroll down to read.

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