Thursday, February 18, 2010

Archos 5 Using Free Wi-Fi at Mc Donald’s




My family and I decided to go out to the local Wild Animal Park today and went spent the day out at the park. Along I brought my Olympus E-500, the S10-3t, ( for uploading pictures), my new Panasonic HDC-SD10, and my Archos 5 IT Tablet. We stopped by a local Mc Donald’s to eat on the way home tried out the free Wi-Fi on the Archos 5. So if you ever need some Wi-Fi and hungry, and passing by a Mc Donald’s, then a quick pit stop will take care of that. As we head back home I am using the Archos 5 for GPS, Music Videos, and Web Radio Station. Since I have the A5A tethered to the BlackBerry Storm. I also can check the traffic with the CoPilot since its tethered.

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