Sunday, April 14, 2013

Video Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Book Cover Case... with wake / sleep

If you managed to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on release date, or thinking of getting the Galaxy Note 8 you will find out that accessories are a bit hard to get. I like to keep my tablets as slim as possible and with the Book Cover Case you can achieve this. At this moment you can only get the Book Cover Case in white at your local stores, but this will change come the following weeks.

Like I have mentioned, I really like to keep my tablets as slim as possible and by doing I understand that protection is not the best as you will see that most of the Galaxy Note 8 is exposed using the Book Cover Case. On the plus side, the Book Cover Case is light weight and adds very little weight to your Galaxy Note 8 which makes it very comfortable to carry around with you. The Book Cover Case is made out of vinly and plastic, well at least that is what it feels like. The inside of the front cover has felt, this could help from getting your screen scratched. The back is made out of hard plastic which protects the Galaxy Note 8 from minor drops and keeps your back cover from getting scratched. All of the ports are accessible with the Book Cover Case, so you won't have any problems when you want to raise the volume or power off the Galaxy Note 8.

Here you can see that the Galaxy Note 8 fits perfectly in the Book Cover Case, and you can see the felt on the inside of the front cover.

The Book Cover Case has an option to use the Galaxy Note 8 in angle to type or just use it for browsing the web. It does have a magnetic on the edge of the front cover case that makes it very easy to convert the Book Cover Case in typing mode. By having the magnetic on the Book Cover Case and now that Samsung has added the wake / sleep feature on the Galaxy Note 8, this is on par with the iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD tablets that also has the wake / sleep feature, glad to see this on the Galaxy Note 8.

The Samsung Book Cover Case also has a way to use the case as a stand. The front cover becomes a kick stand to prop the Galaxy Note 8 up and gives you a nice viewing angle to watch movies or if you pair up with Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse, your Galaxy Note 8 could be your on the go work station.

If your thinking about getting the Samsung Book Cover Case, check the video for more in-depth review.


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