Saturday, April 27, 2013

Samsung Kiosk stores in some Best Buy stores…


Best Buy is already rolling out the Samsung Kiosk stores inside your local Best Buy Stores. The setup is very well laid out, with tables at user height to access laptops, tablets, smartphones and hybrid tablets for you to use, hoping that you will make a purchase. This has worked very well for Apple, so this will be very interesting to see what could happen. Could this spell some bad news for other manufactures?


The layout consist of a Smart Home setup to demonstrate the uses of the Galaxy products with your home and your Galaxy products. Also it is great to see all the accessories for the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets and the Galaxy S III smartphones. Here you get to chose from some very nice color Book Cover cases that in the past had only been available through online sales. This gives you the chance to actually see the varies colors that is available.

I did like a brown color Book Case cover that is available for the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. Maybe I might pick one up!




Most of the tablets that are being used are the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets to demonstrate the uses for the tablets, and also for the consumers to use and try the stylus. When Samsung had released the Galaxy Note 10.1 last year, we saw many bad reviews because of the stylus not usable. Most of the reviews only tried the Galaxy Note 10.1 for a very short time or had gone to the store and tried to do a review after using it for a short time. Many went on to say you couldn’t find the S-Note files, which you could find using My Files or email them directly from S-Note. I won’t get into that, as for me, the stylus with the right applications makes one of the best Android tablets around!


Rows of tables are setup with laptops to test out as you walk into the Kiosk, kind of makes you want to test out everything.


In the background there is a table for the Galaxy smartphones, as you can see they are still setting up and need to put out all the phones. I did talk to the guy at the store and they will be having one Galaxy SIV on display come Sunday. Whether this is true, will have to wait and see.


If you have any questions you can pull up a chair and one of the specialist will asset you, this kind looks like a mini Genius bar look a like.


Here is the table that demonstrates the connection solutions. You will see what possibilities can be done, or if you wanted to ever ask questions about how to use AllShare, transfer pictures, etc… you can just drop by.


This could turn out to be a great move for Samsung to make the consumer more aware of its products, or this could end up just being a nice Kiosk and not draw the consumer to buy Samsung products. For Best Buy this could also draw the line for other manufactures as they could feel Best Buy has preference towards Samsung.

Would this make you purchase a tablet or a laptop if you were in the market to buy? and you could see the benefit of each product before you buy?

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