Sunday, October 7, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet coming Midnight October 26

The big day for Windows 8 release is getting closer and now we have some stores that will be opening at midnight October 26th for the big Microsoft Surface Tablet launch. Remember this is Microsoft own brand tablet that will be running Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. 

We you be standing in line to get your hands on the Surface Tablet? Or will you just pass and wait to order online? Or completely pass on the Microsoft Surface Tablet and just pick up an iPad 3?

We should see a few stores start to show up at your local mall as we get into the Holidays. These will bring more exposure and maybe get consumers to purchase a Microsoft Surface Tablet and find one under that Christmas tree. 

I personally look for tablets with some type of digitizer, this is more useful for my type of work and for my personal use. Once you have used a tablet with a digitizer, and see how much more it can be useful, you might just not want to buy another tablet without it. 

So far, CEO Steve Ballmer said the "sweet spot" for tablets to be around "$300 to $700". Here is to hoping we do see the Microsoft Surface Tablet start at $299. 

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