Sunday, June 13, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tablet's

A few weeks ago, there was some leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Seems that they will be releasing 3 different sizes. A 7, 8, and a 10" models. The only bad thing is that they will be out sometime in December when all other tablets will also flood the internet. I think the early tablets will have a better chance, since many consumers will pick those up. As long as the tablets do have some good specs and are very usable. Most consumers will be looking at been able to play Netflix, Hulu, etc... and will be comparing to the iPad. So from some early previews from other talbets that are playing 720p video very nicely, we might see some good stuff. From the pictures it looks like it will be running Android OS and hopefully have access to the Market Place, with the newest Android OS.

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