Saturday, June 26, 2010

iPhone 4G and BlackBerry Storm II



I was able to get of hold of a iPhone 4G on Wednesday the 23rd and compared it with my Storm II. I have to say that the iPhone 4G is well built and very sleek. You can also see that the Storm II is very well built as well. Both are about the same size in thickness and the iPhone is just a little bit larger than the Storm II. The iPhone is more responsive compared to the Storm II, and what I mean about this is that. When you just tap on a icon on the iPhone it opens up the app very quickly. The Storm II OS is kind of outdated, but it is still a solid OS in terms of getting things done for work. RIM does need to start to getting the OS 6.0 for BlackBerry going or else, they will see a decline in sales with the new iPhone and the Android OS smartphones; which is catching up to RIM.


P1010447Another thing going for the iPhone is, that there is so many apps in the iTunes store that you can install and use on the iPhone. You can almost find a app for anything to use on the iPhone. The reason I see this is that the iPhone is so popular, so many developers are out there developing apps for it. The BlackBerry App store is pretty solid and has its share of apps, but not as many. When I use the BlackBerry app store, its not as fast in finding apps. It is very slow in a way that sometimes I just don’t continue to look for a app using the BlackBerry app store. What I do is when I get a chance I just look it up on the computer and find the name of the app and search it to install on the BlackBerry. This brings me to another point. The Safari browser on the iPhone is so much better than on the Storm II, that I hardly use the browser on the BlackBerry. I use to carry my iPod Touch to actually use it for browsing and for apps that I have installed to be productive for work that I can’t use on the Storm II.


The display on the iPhone 4G is so clear compared to the Storm II. I opened up a PDF file and web page on the iPhone and I couldn’t believe how smooth and clear the display is. I really like my Storm II, but now that iOS 4 for iPhone is out and the new iPhone 4G, I can live without the apps that I use for work on the Storm II. I can always use a work around for the meantime on the iPhone.

P1010451The back of the iPhone is glass which makes it look sleek all the way around, but you can also see that the Storm II metal cover for the back and the chrome around makes it look just as sleek as the iPhone.

P1010447Another nice thing is the dual cameras on the iPhone. Right now you can only use the front facing camera for video conference with another iPhone 4G and has to be while on Wi-Fi. Hopefully if Apple doesn’t change this which I can already see this in a Jailbreak app to make the video conference work over the regular 3G data from the phone and not while on Wi-Fi.

iPad and iPhone 4gHere you see the iPhone 4G with my iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. The iPhone 4G pretty much looks like a small iPad in some ways.   

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