Sunday, June 13, 2010

JooJoo Table Now Running Windows 7

A JooJoo owner has managed to install Windows 7 on his JooJoo Tablet. From the video it seems to be running pretty nicely. Darkdavy mention that the JooJoo does run a little on the warm side, this is mostly due to the OS demand compare to the Linux built OS that it originally comes installed. The JooJoo Tablet that he is using has 4GB SSD and 1GB of RAM. It plays 720p video very smoothly and it is getting around 4 hours of battery life. Not bad for a Table that wasn't sold with Windows 7 on it, compare to other tablet that are only getting 2.5 hours of battery life running on the Atom 1.6GHz processor. Also the JooJoo Tablet is pretty close to the iPad in terms of thinness. I will have to keep a eye on this project and see how this turns out in the coming weeks. This might be what JooJoo needed to get the JooJoo noticed after it was released, not too many pre-ordered and some had canceled after the pre-order. The price for the JooJoo is $499.99 which is not bad but the iPad has more GB in comparison to the JooJoo. You do pay more for the iPad. Also a couple of things not working yet is the drivers for the accelerometer and 3G.

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