Saturday, April 3, 2010

iPad Is in the House...

I had put 2 iPad's on reservation to pick up at my local Apple store for April 3. I got the 16GB for my wife and I got the 32GB for myself. So far this thing is "Magical". This is according to Steve Jobs. There was 2 lines at the Apple store. One was for the non reserved and the other for reserved. There must of been at least 200 people in the line waiting to get their iPad. So far I have set up my email, contacts, and calendar to sync with my BlackBerry Storm 2, so that I can have everything synced up. This works great for me, because no matter which device I pick up I can always check my email or check my calendar.
This makes it easy to update any calendar items when I am using either device.

Netflix runs excellent on the iPad. The Netflix app was added just this week so I was very happy to see that it would work on the iPad. Now I can watch movies when traveling or short outings that we plan with my family. I purchased the CradlePoint CTR350 to use with my BlackBerry Storm 2, so I can have broadband on my iPad for when traveling. Everything on the iPad is very responsive and smooth when scrolling. Multi-Touch is great on the bigger screen vs the iPod Touch and iPhone. Not that the smaller screen is bad, but you have so much more room to work with applications. The Web looks great and works great on the Safari browser. So far most of all the web pages that I go and check daily are working and displaying nicely on the iPad. The sound is very good, I was afraid that by having one speaker at the bottom that the sound would not be loud enough, but it is loud enough to listen in a average noisy area. I have been downloading apps from the app store and trying them out and of course these are the free one's. I will be purchasing Pages, and Numbers to use on the iPad to be able to work with Word and Excel files when I need to do small
changes or create short documents with the on screen keyboard. I can also create long Word d
ocuments by using a BlueTooth keyboard, which then I can type away and create any length of
document. I still have my Stowaway BT keyboard which I will be pairing up to use for on the road typing. I think Apple has a winner with the iPad, not that the up coming slates don't have a chance, but I think the iPad will be what everyone will be comparing too. HP needs to advertise their up coming slate so that the general public knows about it. It always helps if they can get it out to brick and mortar stores so everyone can see and try them.

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