Saturday, April 3, 2010

iPad Cases

Here is two cases I got for the iPad today. The Apple one and the Incase one. The Incase one is very nice case. It has 4 positions to put the iPad at different angles to view it. When you slide your iPad the back of the iPad is meet with the case soft padded. The openings all line up with Incase which is good, because sometimes these 3rd party cases will sometimes not align. The case is much thicker when closed compare to the Ap
ple case, so it will depend if you would like the case slim or don't mind the extra thickness. So far I like the Incase and will give it a try this week and decide whether I will keep it o
r c
hange it to the Apple one. The case
does a good job of protecting the iPad once you slide it in. The Apple one is very thin and keeps the look of the iPad pretty much thin. It hardly adds any weight to the iPad with this case. The case is like a rubber type that makes gripping the iPad very good, which can help that it will not slip off your hands.

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