Saturday, April 3, 2010

CradlePoint CTR350 Quick OverView

I happen to find the CradlePoint CTR350 at my local Fry's and picked it up to use with my BlackBerry Storm 2. So far I really like how I can just plug it in and can share with up to 16 computers. I won't be sharing up to 16 computers, because it will slow down everything. It also chargers the BlackBerry as well, so that way it won't drain the battery on my BB. There is a CradlePoint that has a battery for mobile use, just incase that you happen to be in a area that doesn't have power. I got this one because most of the time I am near a outlet so, the CTR350 works for me. I can still connect to my BB Storm 2 if I don't have the CTR350, either using my USB cable or BT DUN setup with all my devices. The only device that I wouldn't be able to do this is the iPad. The iPad doesn't support BT DUN setup.

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