Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Targus Premium Laptop Charger




I just happen to purchase the “New Targus Premium Laptop Charger”. I spend most of the day on the road and my previous iGo charger finally gave out and I needed to power my Netbook for a meeting later that afternoon. I happen to go by my local Fry’s and purchased another iGo brand charger, but I wasn’t to happy because the size was like a brick and very heavy. Most all where the small big and heavy. So I got the iGo. As I was driving I noticed Best Buy so I did a quick stop and found the Targus charger. This is what I was looking for, so I bought it and will take the other one back. I was surprised how small and light the charger is and how small the car charger is as well. It comes with several tips for many laptops and also a iPod charger tip. The Targus is not cheap but my other one lasted about 10 years, so I hope this one last as much.



 As you can see that it comes in a neat little package with the tips in a little plastic tray that you can pick the tips you want. You’re going to want to find a place to safe keep the tips, because the plastic tray is just for the packaging.








The best part of this little charger is that you don’t have to use the same A/C charger for the car. The car charger is separate from the A/C so you can leave the car charger in the car at all times and just remove the cable to take inside, which is really easy.  P1010066 See here on the picture of the car charger which is very small and portable when your traveling. The lighter the charger is the better when your on the road. The main A/C charger is just as small as my BlackBerry Storm 2 so when I put it in the small slip case that holds my Netbook with my BT Mouse it’s like I’m not carrying a charger. Got use to the bigger iGo charger which was very bulky in the little slip case. P1010067









Here you see my BlackBerry Storm 2 next to the Targus A/C and Car charger.


Also the Targus A/C charger is just as thick as the BlackBerry Storm 2. :)


Michael said...

Wow. That laptop charger looks so sleek! The best part is that it is black! I just love black glossy gadgets. hehe
I wonder how it runs. you should include the power specs of the device if you want to make a complete review.

Carolyn said...

you are right michael, I am also wondering how it runs and amaze as well.

Lakendra Wiltse said...

Wow! I’ve read and heard so many good things about the Targus Premium Laptop Charger, but I never really had the chance to own one. I’m planning to buy one next month, though, as a Christmas gift for me and for my laptop. Hihi! How long did the charger last? Is it still working until now?

Lucas Logan said...

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