Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is everyone Ready for the iPad…


Looks like if you didn’t pre-ordered your iPad for April 3rd or reserved your iPad for in store pick up, you’ll have to wait till April 12 for the next shipment. image Also there has been some leaks out there that show applications for the new iPad. I can see the average price for the iPad application starting or in the $9.99 price range. One feature that I would really like that Apple would include, or be able to do on the iPad is. Be able to use a mobile phone to create a BT DUN to connect your iPad on the road for internet access, email, etc… But I can see why they wouldn’t provide that feature. Then they wouldn’t be able to sell the 3G version that you would use with AT&T. I guess I will just going to have to see how good of a deal I get a Verizon or Sprint MiFi to use with the iPad, and just cancel my Tether option on my BlackBerry Storm 2. I would only be paying $20.00 more per month than what I am paying now. So let the count imagedown begin. 

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