Saturday, March 2, 2013

Surface Edition Wedge Touch Mouse review



Microsoft has also released a special edition mouse which is basically like the original Wedge Touch Mouse that was released last year. The notable difference is that Microsoft matched the Surface casing with the Surface Edition Wedge. Which gives it a nice touch!

Another benefit of the Wedge Touch Mouse is, it is bluetooth making it very easy to pair to your laptop or Surface tablet.

The Surface Edition Wedge Touch Mouse comes with same four-way touch scrolling, which lets you scroll vertically and horizontally. You can also flick the pages up, down and side to side with ease. This has come in handy working with webpages, documents, excel sheets and some Windows 8 features.

It also has the excellent BlueTrack technology  that allows you to use the Wedge Touch Mouse almost on any surface.

You also won’t have to worry when you travel with the Wedge Touch Mouse, you can power down the mouse or if you forget the Wedge Touch Mouse will automatically shut itself off. This is great when tossing the mouse into your bag or when your Surface tablet goes into hibernation.

If you are looking for something very portable with good tracking, take a look at the Wedge Touch Mouse.

Surface Editon Wedge Touch Mouse

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