Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Samsung is catching up Galaxy S III high demand

Most of us already know how high of a demand the Samsung Galaxy S III has been when it was up for pre-order. Then when the release date was announced then pushed back and only seeing a hand full, actually receive their Galaxy S III, while others have been waiting for Galaxy S III to arrive, but now Samsung has told Reuters that the delay has been fixed and we now are seeing pre-orders with a June 28th shipping date. This date had been rumored around with no official response from Samsung. Now we can hope to see more happy folks to see the Galaxy S III arrive. If you pre-order now from either Radio Shack and Wal-Mart, you will see that it will ship June 28th and hopefully in your hands by Friday June 29th.

So far Samsung is expecting to sell 10 million Galaxy S III smartphones and should hit that target in July. With the delays of the release, Samsung might of lost sales of up to 2 million units in just a month. We saw this with the shortage of the Pebble Blue shipments that caused sort of a up roar with pre-orders that customers were expecting to receive. Sprint actually announced that they were going to be a delay with the shipments of the Galaxy S III by two weeks, but now is also starting to ship units out to customers. So far Verizon has not showed any target date for the release of the Galaxy S III on the Now Network, but you can pre-order for now. It shouldn't be long as many rumors are floating around that Verizon should be releasing the Galaxy S III sometime in the second week of July, and Verizon will give you a choice between a 16GB ($199) and a 32GB ($249) Galaxy S III.

As we see it now, Samsung and HTC has one of the best smartphones out in the market with HTC having the One X and Samsung has a winner in its hand with the S III. Will this take some sales away from Apple once the iPhone 5 is released? Only time will tell.

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