Monday, June 4, 2012

Computex 2012 brings Windows 8 Tablets

Its nothing we didn't all expected to see announced at Computex 2012. Touch screen Ultra portables and tablet computers. Windows 8 is the best OS geared for touch screen devices. I have been using the Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet running Windows 8, and it has been a great experience to use the tablet with Windows 8. Not only did Microsoft take in mind to make use of touch features, it also has done a great job for overall user experience with Windows 8.

One main feature I see already missing from the lower end of the currently announced Tablets and Ultrabooks at Computex 2012 with touch screen is support for a stylus. I see why Asus and Acer only released on some models. This I'm sure is because of differnet price points. Yes you could use a capacitive stylus to take notes, but it will not be the same when your using OneNote or using Windows Journal to take notes at a meeting. Without some type of digitizer, Wacom would be the best, you will be missing one of the best features of Windows 8, that is the ability to use the stylus.

I am really liking the Asus Tablet 810, that will have some decent specs with an unannounced Intel Medfield CPU, 2GB of RAM, would be nice to see 4GB for more power user functions, 64GB SSD, and will have the Super IPS+ display like the current Asus Transformer Prime. Also Asus Tablet 810 will provide you with 1366 x 768 resolution, a 11.6 - inch display and a dual Wacom digitizer for some inking goodness.

Hopefully that will won't see these tablets suffer too much in regards to proformance, since we don't expect to see high end from the Medfield or an ARM processor.

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