Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Samsung Introduces the SE-218BB worlds thinnest external DVD for Android

Samsung has introduced the worlds slimmest external DVD, measuring just 14mm thick. The SE-218BB will allowyou to record and with the ability to power from a USB port, this will make the best portable DVD you can get your hands on.

What makes this optical DVD drive so special is, you will be able to use it with Android 3.1 and above. If your tablet has a full size USB port, you will be good to use the SE-218BB and access files. Since the SE-218BB comes with a buffer under run, you will be able to use with any Windows OS and Mac OS.

The MSRP for the SE-218BB is $59, not bad when most external drives are in the $79 and $69 range without Android OS support.

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