Sunday, April 22, 2012

Asus Transformer Prime first look at the GPS Extension Kit

Asus has officially started shipping out the GPS Extension Kit to users that have requested one. You can head on over to Asus VIP website to apply for your GPS Extesion Kit. The offer will expire July 31, 2012 so you do have a bit of time to claim your kit. Since the Transformer Prime was released back in December, you might recall many users reported having GPS issues all over the internet. Asus released several Firmware updates and none of these addressed the GPS issue. The GPS issue is more releated to design flaw because of the all metal back cover. Maybe Asus figured that it would cost less to design the GPS Extension Kit, then rather recall and replace all the Transformer Prime back metal cover with something that would have a plastic insert at the top similar like the Transformer Pad Infinity. In either case, Asus has done a great job in providing a work around to the GPS issue, I would rather have the internal GPS working, againg that's just me.

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